Friday, March 24, 2017

Lovely weekend away

Last Friday I headed to the coast for our annual retreat at the coast. Twelve of us enjoyed a rainy weekend of relaxing, too much delicious food, puzzles (not me), lots of chat and a bit of stitching for a few of us. We did manage a walk or two in between the showers and some swam in the pool and at the beach (again not me as it was not warm enough). Here are some of the treats we managed to share over the weekend.
 The puzzlers planned to do all these puzzles. They did finish lots.
 The beach looks good in these photos but it was very churned up and there was lots of foam on the sand.

 Here are some of the brave girls who went into the chilly pool.

Here we all are just before we headed home. Monday was a lovely sunny day!

We stopped and Kangaroo Valley for lunch and enjoyed a lovely look at the shops.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Beautiful stitching

Last week, I took some photos at class of some lovely stitching but my memory card died!!! So sad. Armed with a new one I was able to take some this week. Paddy brought in her gorgeous boro bag all finished! It looks so good and we all want to make one. It is a pattern and kit by Jane from BeBebold.

 Lynne came this week with some more amazing finishes. I love these little zippered bags.
 She also cross stitched this piece to put in the top of this box. Amazing.
 She also created a little scissor keeper to match. Here is the front and back.

 I have been stitching too. After taking my quilts to Robyn last week, I felt guilty about Nature's Journey which needed binding. It is done!
 I also made a label. Don't look too closely as I made a spelling mistake with permanent pen!
 I have stitched another little one of the United Stitches set.
 Lastly, I got inspired and started block 6 of the Yoko Saito Mystery quilt. I do love making these little houses!

Saturday, March 11, 2017


We headed to Sydney last weekend to visit Ma and Paul. It was lovely to catch up with them both. It rained on Saturday so we had a quiet time but on Sunday the weather improved and we decided to head into the city and walk to Barangaroo. Ma managed the walking really well!

We stopped for morning tea along the way and then found this cute little cafe for lunch. Amazingly it used to be a book shop for the Scots church next door. It brought back many memories as we "young" ones used to come to this church for Baptist Youth services way back in the olden days. I remember it all as great fun. I also liked the way the cafe was decorated!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lovely work

Great to see all the wonderful work being done by the class ladies last week. Lynne has been particularly busy and has finished her Tilda bag and has made two useful pouches to match.

 She has also completed her lovely bag from Anni Downs book, The Simple life.

 She also made a beautiful pouch to match this bag as well!

 Roni has been busy and has made herself a beautiful hexi necklace.
 I am very excited today as I have 3 quilts ready to head to the quilter. So exciting to see Foxley Village, The Story of my day and Anderson's Farm all ready to go.
 I have been knitting this week so my only other little finish is this pouch!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Some stitching...

It was lovely to see Jayne's finished bag last Wednesday. I just love her choice of fabrics.

 I decided to make another of these appliques for a zippered tote. You may recall that I left mine on the plane last year!!! I just love doing this woven wool felt applique. Now to sew it together.

 I have been busy in the sewing room. The inner borders are on The Story of my day and now 3 of the outer borders have been added.

 Block 3 of Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs came last week and I couldn't resist doing it straight away.
 I have also been slowly adding to my collection of United stitches blocks.
 I completed this one down the coast on the weekend.
 It was quite rainy and not warm enough for me to go in but several people did. Bruce managed to capture some lovely pictures.